Why the Megaformer is Taking the World by Storm


If you’re reading this, you’ve either been on the megaformer or are thinking about trying it. But are you familiar with the countless benefits for your body it provides and exactly how it delivers such amazing results? We’re here to tell you!

Contrary to popular belief, the megaformer is not a medieval torture machine. It’s basically a cranked-up version of a pilates reformer that uses a spring and pulley system for resistance. It incorporates strength training, cardio, endurance, core, flexibility and balance in every single move for a one-of-a-kind total-body workout. The megaformer comes with the effects of a high-intensity workout, but won’t harm your body because it uses low-impact movements to get your sweat dripping, muscles shaking and body more toned than ever. The slow, controlled movements we do at HSM | Core work your slow-twitch muscle fibers to continue burning fat for hours after class and create the lean, long-looking muscles we strive for. They also take momentum out of the equation, making sure your muscles are engaged and your body is working the entire time to give you results in just 40 minutes!

A favorite of mega-fit celebs (think Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Alessandra Ambrosio, Sophia Vergara, Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama) and fitness fiends alike, the megaformer’s results speak for themselves. Meghan Markle even describes the workout as “the best thing you could do for your body.” Plus, the entire workout takes only 40 minutes, meaning more room for everything else in your life — a perk everyone can appreciate!

First-timer? Don’t fret! HSM | Core is perfect for those of any age or fitness level. Our coaches are trained to provide modifications (and advancements) for every exercise and ensure you’re in proper posture throughout class. Plus, many megaformer first-timers swear they see a change after just one or two classes! A Huffington Post reporter describes the results after her first class: “Twenty four hours after the class, my core muscles - around my abs and down the sides under my ribs - are sore; 48 hours later, they’re even worse. I never feel like this after a standard gym class. The class is tough - there’s no denying that - but if you’re looking for a workout that is intense, will work muscles you didn’t even know you had and leave you (quite literally) in pain - the Megaformer is for you. It’s a great full body workout that will strengthen your core.” Check out a Megaformer Essentials class for a slower-paced workout focused on proper form and instruction. Try your first class for just $15 — we promise you’ll like what you find!