Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season


Holiday parties are here and they’re filled with treats galore. So here are our ways we enjoy the holidays and still feel great in the morning:

Before the Party:

1. Fill up on healthy food: Before your holiday celebration make sure you have fueled your body with a balanced meal or healthy snack. Going into a party on an empty stomach is a surefire way to binge, leaving you with next-day, lethargic party bloat. Liz Hilliard’s tried-and-true pre-party tip: “Dig into a bowl of plain organic yogurt pre-party. Greek is good. Add a little chia or some organic berries for added fiber if you like. This will do two things: coat your stomach with billions of gut-nourishing probiotics to help absorb the alcohol you are most likely going to drink and keep your appetite in control so you don’t binge on unhealthy party food.”
2. Eat breakfast: While skipping breakfast may seem like a way to save calories for later in the day, it simply slows your metabolism. Eating in the morning lets your body know that you’re awake and it’s time to start burning calories. Liz and Clary start every day with an HSM Signature Smoothie, and here’s why.
3. Work out: Whether it’s on the megaformer, an at home workout, or simply a walk in your neighborhood, moving your body elevates mood and burns off the extra holiday calories. Resistance workouts like HSM | Core increase metabolism to give you even more wiggle room to enjoy the merriment of the season!


Once You’re There:
4. At the cocktail party: Head straight to the high protein, high fiber selections to help fill you up. Skip the sweets and the fried foods, but if you must partake, do it once you’ve filled up on veggies, nuts and proteins. Your jeans will thank you in the new year!
5. At the feast: Bring your own side dish to festive dinners to be sure you’ll be getting some nutrition amongst the celebrating — one of our favorite healthy side dishes ever are these Roasted Brussels Sprouts.
6. Hydrate and enjoy: You know we love ourselves some joie de vivre, so when sipping on your favorite holiday cocktail, use water to help moderate your alcohol intake. We recommend one glass of water for each glass of wine or cocktail. Moderation is key, but any chance to celebrate is not to be wasted. Check out our HSM alcohol guide to continue the cheer with smart choices!