Take Your Hydration to the Next Level with This Simple Change


Staying hydrated is the key to healthy skin, keeping muscles and joints performing at 100%, and cleansing the body inside and out. Despite this, up to 75% of Americans still suffer from chronic dehydration, which can lead to everything from fatigue to dry skin to increased risk of disease. Change that with the help of this common superfood!

Recent research has found a new phase of water with the potential to change how we think about hydration. Gel water was discovered by bioengineer Dr. Gerald Pollack at his water science lab at the University of Washington. He estimates that this newly-discovered form of water makes up more than 90 percent of the water in our own bodies, and consuming it could increase our bodies’ ability to absorb and process water.

So how can we increase our gel water intake and get mega-hydrated?
Fruits and veggies are a great source of gel water, but we’ve got another game-changing trick up our sleeve: chia seeds!


Chia seeds are a complete protein, dense in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omega-3s and fiber. When you mix them with liquid, they can swell up to 15 times their size, retaining their other benefits, but also creating gel water and providing long-burning fuel for the body. Soaking your chia seeds before use can not only help reduce cravings (by taking up more room in your stomach), but it may also help your body absorb and retain water at a cellular level, keeping you even more hydrated — and doing it mega-efficiently.

Soak your chia seeds in water overnight and add them to your HSM Signature Smoothie or oatmeal in the morning to leave you feeling amazing! Read more about gel water, its benefits and how to incorporate it into your diet here.