3 Foolproof Ways to (Actually) Lose Weight



And by that, we mean, replace adipose tissue (fat) with strong, healthy, lean muscle mass. Instead of obsessing over a number, step off that scale and use a good-fitting pair of jeans and your energy level to gauge your progress,

  1. Increase your resting metabolic rate with resistances workouts: You know those crazy springs and pulleys we incorporate during your workouts? They’re all producing resistance. Resistance => build lean muscle mass => increase metabolism. Muscle mass naturally burns more calories than other tissue in the body. It is metabolically active. This means you’re burning calories long after you finish class, even in a resting state. This begs the question, what kind of cardio should I be doing to lose weight? (Please see #2.)
  2. Rethink your cardio routine: Unfortunately, an excessive amount of “same-speed” cardio does nothing to help you build lean muscle mass — your body is extremely quick at adapting to a monotonous cardio regimen. Even worse, too much of it can actually make you lose muscle, therefore slowing down your metabolism. The megaformer is the perfect compromise, because it has all the perks of traditional resistance training with the added benefits of increasing your core strength (which prevents injury long-term) and keeping you in the fat burning cardio zone the entire 40 minutes. Kick the excessive cardio and up the resistance training to help you meet your body goals.
  3. Fitness happens in the kitchen: What you eat is just as important as, if not more important than, how often you sweat. Eating a balanced diet high in protein, veggies and healthy fats is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and, overall, losing unwanted fat. Do everything you can to cut sugar from your diet completely! "Refined sugar is the one thing I absolutely avoid in my food, and breaking yourself of your sugar habit will be the best thing you can do for yourself" -Liz Hilliard, Be Powerful: Find Your Strength at Any Age. Learn more about sugar's damaging effects on the body and how to avoid it hereDo avoid fad diets and “cleanses” — when it comes to weight-loss, slow and steady is the way to go!