How Our Coaches Stay Motivated


Between the summer heat, vacations and holidays, it can be hard to make exercise a priority. Consistency is key with any fitness routine, so it’s important to maintain the strong work you’ve been putting in at the studio. Here are our coaches’ mega-great tips for never missing a workout again.

“I just think back to the fact that exercising is a privilege. Not everyone has the ability to exercise, so whenever I’m not feeling it, I try to remember how lucky I am to be able to move my body freely. When I really, really don’t feel like working out, I do it anyway. I remind myself that no matter how much energy I have, any workout is better than no workout at all.” -Coach Rachel

“What gets me up and moving? Now that I’m a new mom, ’me time’ has vanished. I am motivated by the idea of having undivided attention to focus on my mind and body. Self-care, baby!!” -Coach Stephanie

“My trick for getting my butt in gear is I make myself go for a light jog or even walk for at least 20 minutes. If, after 20 minutes, I still don’t feel motivated, I tell myself I can quit (and at least I got some activity in). But after 20 minutes, I almost always feel energized and ready to knock out a good workout!” -Coach Lexy