How HSM | Core Can Change Your Body in Just 40 Minutes



At HSM | Core we have designed an intense 40-minute total-body cardio, strength and flexibility workout. Our workout is core-centric and delivers incredible results quickly by working your muscles to exhaustion. Read on to find out exactly how we get it done in just 40 minutes and why you shouldn’t need to work out for hours on end to achieve your fitness goals.

Slow and controlled movements

By working slowly, you force your muscles to work without momentum. This ensures maximum muscle contraction throughout each movement, keeping your muscles tight and strong. With the slow and controlled movements on the Megaformer, you get more muscle activation (creating the mega-toned look we strive for) with little to no impact on your joints.

Constant Tension

Each move we do at HSM | Core keeps your muscles at maximum tension for the entire rep. Because the muscles are not allowed to relax for even a second, each movement is strengthening the body the whole time. We cue fast transitions to minimize break time and maximize results.

Heart Rate

The higher the intensity of the exercise, the higher your heart rate will be (and the more fat you will burn). In general, you only need to exercise for 3-5 minutes to initiate a heart rate response, meaning if the workout is intense enough, it won’t be long before you see that heart rate rise. The size of the muscle being worked also affects heart rate — the larger the muscle, the higher your heart rate while working that muscle. At HSM | Core, we incorporate multiple muscle groups at once to rev your heart rate for your cardio work.

Slow Twitch and Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

When working out, the body uses two different types of muscle fibers. Slow-Twitch muscle fibers are used for endurance exercises. They are the fat-burning muscle fibers and working them creates a long, lean-looking physique. On the other hand, Fast-Twitch muscle fibers are used when doing high-intensity, explosive training (like weight lifting or sprinting) and build dense muscle. The body uses Slow-Twitch muscle fibers for as long as possible before recruiting Fast-Twitch fibers to help, because Fast-Twitch fibers fatigue very quickly. During a workout at HSM | Core, your body starts out using Slow-Twitch muscle fibers, and only transitions to using Fast-Twitch fibers as the muscles fatigue. By working both types of muscle fiber in each movement, continuous training on the Megaformer will help you fatigue less quickly over time. It will also ensure you’re maximizing Slow-Twitch muscle fiber use, burning energy (fat) long after the workout has finished. This is how we efficiently and effectively transform your body!

High-Intensity, Low-Impact

The exercises we do on the Megaformer are extremely intense, but they also minimize the stress on your joints and especially your spine, protecting your spinal alignment and posture muscles. Don’t let the intensity intimidate you, though — intensity on the Megaformer can be easily increased or decreased by adjusting the spring load and modifying exercises by limiting your range of motion.

Multiple Muscles

By targeting multiple muscles with each exercise (some moves work over 600 muscles at once), HSM | Core burns more overall calories than isolation exercises. Working more muscles also develops core strength faster, stimulates balance and body coordination, keeps the heart rate up and builds strength quicker than isolating muscles can. The work we do on the Megaformer strengthens not only extrinsic muscles, but also the stabilizing intrinsic muscles, helping you gain strength in the deepest parts of your muscles.