Do This in Class to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Workout



We’ve all heard, “pull your belly button in toward your spine and zip up your rib cage” during class, probably more times than we can count. And there’s a big reason for that: Activating your transverse abdominis — or “connecting to your core” as we like to call it — is the single most important thing you can do in class to flatten your belly and sculpt those sought-after abs. Follow these steps to learn how to activate this important muscle, strengthen your core, improve stability inside and out of the studio, perfect your posture and whittle that waist!


Core Connection


  1. Whether you’re sitting, on all fours or standing, make sure your back is straight and chin is high
  2. Bring your shoulders up by your ears, then pull them back and down
  3. Take a big inhale and feel your rib cage expand
  4. As you exhale, gently draw your belly button back and your pelvic floor up, making sure not to tense your shoulders, tuck your pelvis or hold your breath
  5. You should be engaging the transverse abdominis each time you exhale and doing this consistently throughout your workout!