Cross-Training Series: Running


Want to run faster and feel stronger when running? Cross-train at HSM | Core! The core-strengthening, balanced total-body workouts on the megaformer are the perfect way to cross train. Clients have seen improvements in their race times and overall feel when incorporating HSM | Core a few times a week. Just take it from HSM Family member, Meg, who completed her first Marathon this past fall.

I’m sure you’re thinking that the megaformer moves look nothing like running, so how exactly do HSM | Core workouts on the megaformer help? You will improve your endurance, balance your leg muscles and improve your flexibility.

Endurance: When you run, your breathing pattern changes. You are working harder to breathe in more air to fuel the increased intensity and this causes your body to recruit accessory muscles. Those smaller accessory muscles are all part of your core. So, when you are starting class in wheelbarrow or in your last minute of army crawls, you are strengthening those accessory muscles that will help during your next run!

Balance: Running is great at strengthening your quadriceps, but leaves your hamstrings and glutes neglected. This imbalance can pull the pelvis forward, creating poor posture in many runners and leading to long-term health issues. If your posture isn’t 100%, your running and body will suffer. At HSM | Core, we focus on all sides of the legs, so you will strengthen your glutes and hamstrings to restore balance for stronger running.

Flexibility:If you are a runner, you understand the woes of tight hip flexors. At HSM | Core, we work in positions that strengthen through length. When your glutes and hamstrings are burning through elevator lunges, you are also lengthening through the front of your leg and stretching out your quads and hip flexors. This increased flexibility will help prevent injury and could keep knee and joint pain at bay.

Whether you are a seasoned racer or a recreational jogger, train with us to get your body performing at a new-and-improved level! Sign up for class  here .