Cross-Training Series: Golf



According to Dr. Greg Wells, Director of Sports Science for the RCGA (Royal Canadian Golf Association), the six pillars of training for golf are: balance, flexibility, posture, core stability, strength/power, cardiovascular fitness. Luckily, HSM | Core checks ALL of these boxes.

Making weekly HSM | Core classes a part of your training routine could drastically improve your game and help avoid many of the injuries golfing can cause! Read on to find out how.

Joint protection: Golf may not always look physically-demanding, but neither does the megaformer — and if you’re reading this, you know looks can be deceiving. The reality is that golf is both a physical and mental game, and it can be extremely tolling on a golfer’s joints and musculoskeletal system in general. The force each swing exerts on the knees is more powerful than the force exerted on the knees of a jogger. With so much driving force behind each swing, golf puts its players at huge risk for knee injury. Not being aware of this and taking steps to strengthen the muscles around these mega-important joints could lead to long-term physical issues. Enter HSM | Core. The megaformer helps to protect the knees of golfers by using low-impact exercises to build strength in the small muscles surrounding the joint, making them more stable and less prone to injury.

An expanding waistline could also contribute to joint issues caused by golf. Maintaining a healthy body weight is important for the longevity of any player’s game. Yet another area where the megaformer can help by using resistance to elevate the heart rate and keep your metabolism working to burn energy for hours after your work is done!

Core strength: What many golfers might not realize is that the part of their body they need most to crush their golf game (you guessed it: the core) is the one that’s often the weakest! Using the megaformer consistently 3-4 times per week will add distance to your drives and power to all of your shots. Just ask our head coach, Arthur — since working out at HSM | Core, his drive has improved by 15 yards! Focusing on your deep core muscles and breathing through the exercises on the megaformer will add strength and power to your golf game like you’ve never experienced before.

Balance + Flexibility: As Dr. Wells said, two of the pillars of training for golf are balance and flexibility. Studies have shown that higher-skilled golfers have better balance, allowing them to shift their weight more effectively during their swing. Increased flexibility will also improve your biomechanics, allowing your torso and pelvis to separate during your backswing (what golfers call the “x-factor”) and adding even more energy to your downswing. The moving carriage on the megaformer, along with the slow and controlled movements we do at HSM | Core, are surefire ways to add flexibility and balance training to your workouts.

Add yards to your drive and years to your golf game by cross-training at HSM | Core. Sign up for class here!