Burn More Calories in this Temperature



It’s been a hot summer here in North Carolina and our bodies have been loving the balmy weather for outdoor workouts! While exercising al fresco can give you a mega-great dose of Vitamin D and make you feel great, recent research shows it might be time to cool it — literally.

People often think working out in the heat burns more calories and tend to indulge more than they usually would because they got a extra sweaty workout in. The fact of the matter is that the heat makes you more easily dehydrated and your metabolism slower. Working out in cooler temperatures forces the body to heat itself and burn even more energy (AKA calories).

"Cooler temps have a real impact on your body fat. At just below 70 degrees, the body begins to turn regular fat into calorie-burning ‘brown' fat,” said Philip Kern, MD of the University of Kentucky. Research has found that some people have double the brown fat in the winter than in the summer. “Browning fat tissue would be an excellent defense against obesity,” said Kern. “It would result in the body burning extra calories rather than converting them into additional fat tissue.”

The bottom line: if your body and mind feel great after a workout in the sun, keep it up (but be sure to stay extra hydrated). If you want to keep your metabolism running on high and your body burning excess fat, try incorporating working out in a cooler temperature to your routine. We’re all about results, so HSM | Core’s thermostat stays right around 70 degrees for optimal exercise conditions. Bring your workout inside for a body-transforming breath of fresh cool air: sign up for a class at Midtown | Stonecrest.