5 Reasons Group Fitness Beats Working Out Alone




5 Reasons Group Fitness Beats Working Out Alone


What’s better than walking into the studio and seeing all of your mega-buddies together in the same place? Maybe the 40-minute sweat session that’s soon to follow, but not much else. Read on for more on the efficacy of a group workout!

  1. Group fitness can improve your mental health — A 12-week study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association showed decreased stress levels and increased quality of life in medical students who attended group fitness classes. The conclusion to the study says, “Attending weekly group fitness classes could be a solution to improving the emotional well-being and stress level of medical students.”

  2. Extra accountability and motivation — Working out on a set schedule with others adds that extra bit of accountability. Group fitness can encourage you to keep pushing and commit to a regular fitness routine. By working out with an instructor in a group setting, you’ll be stronger than ever — both physically and mentally.

  3. The friendships — The group fitness world is chock full of mega-badasses. Sharing something as personal as a workout with someone can create an instant connection. Who knows? Your studio buddy could become your BFF in no time!

  4. It can make working out less daunting — It’s always intimidating to walk into a new studio for the first time, but knowing your HSM | Core coach and other members of the HSM Family will have your back helps.

  5. It’s always a challenge — At HSM | Core, you’ll never get the same workout twice. The best part? Our coaches are fully-trained to offer modifications and advancements for any fitness level. This also means they can tell when you’re getting strong enough to motivate you to work to your edge (and they will)!