3 Mega-Moves That Will Make Running So. Much. Easier.


Marathon season is upon us! Did you know HSM | Core is the perfect cross-training compliment for runners?

Run, don't walk, to check out 3 moves on the megaformer that will improve your running game in a mega-big way!


  1. The Wheelbarrow — The Plank to Pike effectively works the entire core, AKA the powerhouse of a runner’s body. This is one of the best exercises for increasing the body’s stability, ensuring that you run with maximum efficiency and minimum risk of injury. The Plank to Pike also helps perfect posture, which actually increases lung capacity and, in turn, endurance in runners.

  2. The Runner's Lunge — Besides being great for overall strengthening of the legs (if you can’t tell by the name of this mega-move), the Runner's Lunge puts a major focus on the glutes and hamstrings. Pushing the carriage out using the glutes and hamstrings while in an isometric hold on the front leg puts a major focus on these important muscles. These muscles are often weaker in runners, because running builds so much strength in the front of the legs. Because of this, an imbalance between the muscles in the back and front of the legs is common and can lead to injury. The Runner's Lunge is perfect for targeting those often-overlooked back body muscles.

  3. Serve the Platter — Although it might seem like the lower body is most important to runners, strengthening the upper body is crucial to gaining speed and efficiency. Serve the Platter targets both the upper body and core, helping control arm movement (which improves your rhythm) and perfect running form.