10 of the Most Filling + Healthy Snacks


Make hangriness a thing of the past with these 10 mega-filling, mega-healthy snacks, inspired by an article in Women’s Health Magazine:

  1. Hummus — this protein-packed snack can keep you full and happy for hours. Allanna Waldron, R.D. suggests pairing hummus with fresh veggies or whole grain rice crackers!
  2. Hard-Boiled Eggs — Not only are these little devils portable and easy to stash in your bag — they are a chock-full of nutrients and low-energy dense (meaning low-calorie compared to the weight of the egg). Catch six grams of protein, vitamins B12, D (we’re talking 10% of your daily value) and E, folic acid, iron and zinc.
  3. Smoothie Pops — Whipping up an HSM Signature Smoothie and freezing it in silicone ice cube trays to enjoy before or after a workout is one of the smartest ways to snack there is. Boasting 27g of protein, 20.8g of dietary fiber and 10.5g of healthy fat (with only 327 calories) per smoothie, these nutrient-dense, delicious pops are guaranteed to keep you full until your next meal!
  4. Nuts (especially pistachios) — With only 196 calories per 49 nuts (yes, you read that right), pistachios contain tons of plant-based protein, heart-healthy fat and dietary fiber. ProTip: Opting for shelled pistachios forces you to slow down and better enjoy your snack time!
  5. Greek Yogurt — Plain Greek or Siggi’s Icelandic yogurt is an excellent source of protein, and its healthy bacteria is a surefire way to keep your gut health on point. Plus, these yogurts have far less sugar than other yogurts (especially flavored). Add some cinnamon, fruit or sunflower seeds to spice things up!
  6. Apples and Nut Butter — Fiber in the apples and mostly mono-unsaturated fats (which protect against cardiovascular disease) and protein in the nut butter make this quick bite hard to beat!
  7. Cheese and Fruit — “A snack of fruit paired with cheese is one of my favorites because it’s a non-traditional mix of sweet and salty flavors,” says registered dietician Kim Hoban. “The cheese offers up protein and fat for longevity and fruit gives you carbs for a quick energy boost.”
  8. Avocado Toast — This hipster favorite is trending for a reason! A slice of Ezekiel bread + 1/4 avocado contain only 183 calories, but will keep you satisfied with 5g of protein, 6.5g of fiber and 10g of healthy fat. Sprinkle with some chili pepper flakes for a burst of flavor!
  9. Edamame — A cup of organic edamame with a little sea salt is a satisfying snack perfect for post-workout. Don’t be deceived by their size — edamame are full of protein, fiber and antioxidants.
  10. Cottage Cheese with Fresh Fruit — Your traditional cottage cheese with a twist! 1/2 c. of cottage cheese + 1/2 c. of fruit will fill you up fast with a whopping ~16g of protein and ~15g of carbs (AKA energy). Try topping with no-sugar coconut flakes. All this for under 150 calories!