All of our coaches are Lagree Fitness as well as HSM | Core certified, trained to offer modifications and advancements for everybody and body type, and best of all they bring their heart to each class they teach.
We welcome you to join our HSM Family!

Rachel Ferrara


HSM | Core coach Rachel Ferrara is determined and passionate about inspiring others to fall in love with taking care of themselves. She strongly believes in the importance of making yourself and your health a top priority in your life. Fitness has always played a huge role in her life due to her involvement in sports growing up. Originally from Maryland, she moved down south to play division I lacrosse in college. After suffering from a season ending knee injury, Rachel developed an even deeper appreciation for health and fitness. Having been used to athletic conditioning and high intensity type workouts, Rachel was pushed out of her comfort zone on the megaformer. She quickly embraced the challenge of finding the discipline to stay slow and controlled throughout this workout when she noticed the immediate improvement in core strength after just a few classes.

Rachel is so enthused to be a part of the strong tribe at HSM | Core. She looks forward to mentally, emotionally, and physically pushing and inspiring you to achieve your fitness goals and become the best you!