All of our coaches are Lagree Fitness as well as HSM | Core certified, trained to offer modifications and advancements for everybody and body type, and best of all they bring their heart to each class they teach.
We welcome you to join our HSM Family!

Lexy Weaver


Originally from Ohio, Lexy moved to Charlotte in 2014. After moving to the Queen City she decided to quit her corporate job and pursue her passion in the health and fitness world. She comes to HSM | Core with a barre and indoor cycling background, so she is no stranger to being on the mic. One of her favorite things about Charlotte is the growing fitness community and the amazing support system that comes along with it. Lexy is a fitness junkie and has tried almost every class that Charlotte has to offer, but HSM | Core quickly stole her heart after she attended her first class, which she described as a very "humbling" experience. With an extensive fitness background, HSM | Core was an amazing compliment to her existing routine, and the results spoke for themselves. After seeing a change both physically and mentally, Lexy knew she couldn't live without this method. She is now thrilled to be able to challenge and push you to become better, stronger, and more capable of achieving every single one of your goals, no matter how small. She loves meeting new people and building connections and can't wait to see you on the megaformer!