All of our coaches are Lagree Fitness as well as HSM | Core certified, trained to offer modifications and advancements for everybody and body type, and best of all they bring their heart to each class they teach.
We welcome you to join our HSM Family!

Francie Rudolph


Always the workout class snob, Francie was eager to try what everyone was describing as the hardest workout in Charlotte. After running from her house to the studio because, “it’s only a 40 minute class, how hard could it be!!”, she was immediately blown away by both the challenge and the dramatic results. Francie loves that the workout is low impact, high-intensity and include strength, cardio and flexibility. (Lesson Learned: Francie no longer runs to the studio for a class).
Along with exercise, Francie’s other passion is of course…FOOD! Francie recognizes the quality of what you put IN your body has immediate implications on what you can get OUT of your body.
When she is not teaching classes, you can find Francie writing menus, testing recipes and planning events for her boutique catering company. 
Francie is excited to be a member of the HSM | Core team and share with others how unbelievable this workout is!