All of our coaches are Lagree Fitness as well as HSM | Core certified, trained to offer modifications and advancements for everybody and body type, and best of all they bring their heart to each class they teach.
We welcome you to join our HSM Family!

Andrea Kiely


Originally from Baltimore, MD, Andrea has always lived an outdoorsy, active lifestyle - seeking new adventures and ways to keep herself moving has always been a priority. Having moved to Chicago after college, Andrea found herself needing to supplement her normal workout routine because of the bitterly cold climate. After much searching, she found the megaformer and her view of what made a great workout was completely altered. The effective, varied routines and immediate results were more than enough to get her hooked and motivate her to start coaching.

When she decided to move to Charlotte, Andrea was most concerned about leaving her coaching and favorite workout behind. Luckily, Hilliard Studio Method was already well on their way to getting HSM | Core up and rolling. The enthusiasm of all of the HSM | Core coaches is contagious and Andrea is thrilled to join the ranks and help clients push their bodies to the limit to achieve noticeable results!