HSM | Core


About HSM | Core 

The Megaformer 

A megaformer is the next generation, state of the art piece of fitness equipment specifically designed to target core muscles and increase your heart rate without putting pressure on your joints. The megaformer utilizes a moving carriage, two stationary platforms, springs and pulleys for slow and controlled, yet heart pumping, full-body exercises. HSM | Core is the only workout facility in North or South Carolina to utilize the Megaformer M3S. This is not your mama’s reformer!

What makes HSM | Core Different

Our classes mix Lagree Fitness with Hilliard Studio Method on the Megaformer M3S, the only place you will find these in the Carolinas. All of our coaches are Lagree Fitness as well as HSM | Core certified, trained to offer modifications and advancements for everybody and body type, and best of all they bring their heart to each class they teach. We welcome you to join our HSM Family!

The Megaformer M3S

The Megaformer M3S is latest and most technologically advanced equipment Lagree Fitness has created. This fifth generation Megaformer has enhanced platform and carriage functionality allowing you to tap into your deepest core muscles with the most variety and intensity ever. Springs wrap the exterior of the carriage for faster spring changes to keep your heart rate soaring and muscles trembling. And it's only at HSM | Core.

What to Expect in your HSM | Core Class 

Expect to intensely work your core, heart and entire body with little to no impact on your joints. It’s 40 minutes of cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance and flexibility to transform your body in a handful of classes.

HSM | Core Will Help Improve Your Golf Game, Running + Yoga Practice 

The exercises performed on the Megaformer M3S help build functional strength that will noticeably improve you athletic performance across the board. Deep core muscles are targeted for improved posture and healthy back, oblique work tightens the waist and improves torso rotation while arm and leg work create an overall balanced body with lean muscle mass for a stronger, more powerful you. We'd say that's not just good news for your golf game, but good for your life!

A 40 Minute Class 

At HSM | Core we have designed an intense 40 minute cardio, strength and flexibility workout that is core-centric and delivers noticeable results quickly by working your muscles to exhaustion. Recent research in the New York Times "strongly suggest that a more demanding but more efficient and often more enjoyable form of exercise ... is not only safe for most patients but more effective.." Get stronger, increase cardiovascular endurance, burn fat and improve flexibility. The megaformer delivers results in 40 minutes.